Frequently Asked Questions

1. Tap on the “Patient/Notes”
2. From “Patient list” Select an existing patient or create a new Patient.
3. In Patient folder Select “Soap Notes” then “Create Soap Notes”
4. Select relevant Template from “Note Template” search box on the top right of the page.
5. f you like, you can add a “Note title” to your Instant Soap Note.
6. Adjust “Date” “time” and edit as you desire.

If you are not able to see the templates, please log out of the app and log back in. The templates should update automatically upon a successful login.
For now, the process with the Apple & Google Play Store requires selecting a subscription plan. You will not be billed until day 15, and you can cancel the subscription anytime during or after the Free Trial.
Sometimes there is a delay in the real-time electronic process of authenticating users with the Apple and/or Google Store. Try any of the following:

a) re-launching App
b) checking Store for Update version
c) manual syncing (See next question)
d) delete the App and re-install (your data is preserved on the server and will be sync’d when you log back in with your user email ID)

a) Manual syncing – At the top right of the home screen there is an image of cloud with a “down-arrow” representing manual downloading of data from the server to your device(s).
You can cause the download/updating of data on your device anytime, by manually by tapping the Manual Sync icon. This is useful if you want to access your application (and data) from a second device, or multiple devices (whether smartphone, tablet, Apple or Android).
b) Auto-syncing – The Application auto syncs, updating your data to the secure Amazon servers whenever you create a sentence, create a new client, or when saving a note.
The Application automatically downloads to your device any updated data whenever you log into the app.

“It is recommended to Log Out of your device if you plan to log-in from another device, in order to ensure that the device data will be backed up on the servers, which in turn will be accessed by the new device.”

c) Privacy: When you generate a Note, the created Note is not stored on the Amazon servers, rather they are created in real time only by the users and removed after being emailed. Similarly, the Activity Reports are generated in spreadsheet format as needed by the user during Viewing, exporting/emailing and are removed after being emailed.
Not at this time as both the Apple and Google Play Stores use your Payment ID once for the App.

We are considering alternatives to allow for multiple users on the same device.
  1. In the Patient’s folder you can select a previous Note by Date and/or Title. The Duplicate feature copies that Note and enables the Editing of any part of your new Soap Notes, including Patient Name, Date, Note Title, Services, Fees and/or other information.
  2. In the Activity Report you can search by Note Title and Patients, and identify a Note to be Duplicated (“1”).
  3. Accordingly, we recommend you consider adding Note Titles when creating Soap Notes for different conditions such as chronic low back pain, tennis elbow, sprains and strains of the neck, whiplash, etc. Some users actually create sample Soap Notes for different conditions identifying these by Note Titles and fictitious Patient Names – which they can easily pull up, duplicate and edit.
In the Activity Reports, you can search/filter by Note Title and then compare the Notes for one patient, or across patients.
SoapNotesPRO is designed for a multiplicity of practitioners, whether working for themselves in clinics, spas, hotels, or at patient homes and/or offices.

If working for Clinics, Spas or if self-employed in different locations – by identifying services and fees, these are reflected in the Activity Reports, providing an excellent organizational tool for record keeping, summarizing information required for billing, income taxes and more. In the User Profile you can add multiple clinics, services and fees.

We recommend that you add services and associated fees to your user profile.

By setting it up once, you can select the appropriate service and fee while creating your Soap Note using the Services Icon.

However, you can also add Service Titles, Note Titles, fees and duration when creating a new Soap Note or at any stage of generating the Note.

Services and Clinics may added when adding a New Patient, under the User Profile, or using the “Services” icon while creating Soap Notes.
a) You can email a PDF of your Soap Notes (and then print) using the Export Icon on left main vertical bar. Exporting lets you email anyone (yourself, patients, clinic, lawyers, insurance companies etc.) the Soap Note.

b) Activity Reports: you can export/email in spreadsheet format the Activity Report

We are developing a “Direct-To-Print” feature.
We are working on:

a) Horizontal viewing mode (more suitable for use with a Tablet Keyboard)
b) importing information from a formatted patient file created, available on your computer
c) importing scanned documents (using camera function on your smartphone, and/or scanned documents)
We recommend that you check weekly the Apple and GooglePlay stores to upgrade to the latest functionality. Your data belongs to you, is private and secure on Amazon servers – and will be automatically sync’d to your device upon your logging in using your User ID on any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Only the user can create or re-create in real time their Soap Notes (during Previewing or Exporting) and Activity Reports (during Filtering or Exporting).

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If you have any questions or want to know more, contact us!